Sunday, December 23, 2012

Butterfly Generation-Beyond 2012

12-21-2012 Establishes 4-Sacred Rights of FWEA and 1 Universal Law and invokes the Butterfly Generation, leaders of the New Aege of Aquarius, the waters of rebirth for the 2-legged, 4-legged, 2-winged, winged swimmers, and all the creepy crawlies and all the seen and unseen beings of Turtle Island. Beyond 2012 igniting 2013 and the future Age of FWEA! 

4-Sacred Rights of FWEA:
1. Freedom from taking and a right to wander, live by Fire and be free

2. Water and it's right to flow, an end to dams, artificial irrigation and industry or travel by pollution and the right to clean and pure lakes, rivers, oceans, and streams

3. Earth and it's right to sustain life free from ownership, fences, or permanent unnatural structures, cities, and squares. Return to migration and free use of all land by all who are upon it. 

4. Air and it's right to purify and cleanse the planet, plant, and living beings free of pollution or industry or travel that hinders the right of pure clean air.

One Natural Law:
Honor Your Children: if you give a plant nourishment, light and FWEA it will give you fruit as natural as the happy grass growing. Children who are Honored do not need to be commanded to honor, only children of abuse, authority and subjugation require a law to honor those who subjugated them. For those who honor their children and nurture them to grow naturally under FWEA will reap natural honor surpassing any external commandment; for this is intrinsic to the native human operating system and requires no viral overlay, such as religion, philosophy or law.

Guru Hafook
"Im La'kesh" Insde you is another me

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The 9-Day Festival - Sacred Peyote Medicine

In 2 days we will be starting a Sacred Pilgrimage, a festival, a 9 day journey into the center of being, self, existence, humanity and creation. Beginning 4 days before the end of the 7th moon, passing from winter into spring, from death to rebirth, to embrace life abundantly, spontaneously and infinitely. The festival should be known universally as "The 9-Day Festival", in which time we: prepare and journey for 4 days, and we die for 1 day and we rise and dance for 4 days harmonizing our being with the sacred flow of life in the time-space continuum we call planet earth and solar system. Our Wolf Tribe is going to unite with the Huichol Indian Tribe the wolf and deer people of ancient tradition. We will embark into their sacred marakame traditions in the mysteries of the Peyote medicine to conduct this years 9-Day Festival. We will bring offerings from the West Coast of California, from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico via the Sonora Desert, a pilgrimage of over 1500 miles one way; a sacred journey balancing the spiritual forces and aligning with the great power of Spring and abundance of the South. This brings rain, health to crops and animals, and renews the cycle of respect and dependence between the wolf and the deer, between humanity and nature. It should serve as a beacon to all humanity to begin this year, just as the ancient peoples of the planet have done for milennia until the recent cycle of so-called "civilization". The year 2012 is upon all humanity and I stand with my voice raised high unto the Great Spirit calling all humanity to reclaim and renew our planet and our species.

Absolutely everything is right with you my people, my brothers and sisters, my fathers and mothers, my 2 legged relations. Our species has been infected with a virus, a foreign invader has infected the hearts and minds of humanity and we are turning on one another as a host attempts to rid its body of a disease. Will we stop before the entire body of humanity is destroyed? Of course we will, it is all as it should be and it is all part of a great cycle of time and space, worlds, and universes. On this planet some "thing" has infected our minds with greed and competition and this is produced by the lies and corruption of the external "god" system of organized religions. The "pyramid system, the oppression and control systems of the Jewish, Christian, Islamic Complex, (JCIC) has literally engulfed the entire planet in destruction, division, oppression, warfare, hatred, and bloodshed in the name of some "other world governance"; in the name of Peace, in the name of a so-called "God".

Tell all your friends, the hottest thing on the planet right now is getting into yourself, into The Self, into The Truth! How convenient for humanity that the real Truth of Truth , the undefinable, infinite, unknowable, timeless, space-less, nameless, faceless, place-less, Master of all nothingness of eternity and all creation manifest for all time past, present and future, the Awesome Force that was, is and always will be, the Great Spirit Creator Intelligence Force (G-SCIF) is hardly served by these priests, rabbis, pastors, muftis, clerics and clergy of destruction. This system of lack, of so-called "divine punishment" of division of humanity, of genealogical records, of DNA-based genetic divisions of humanity, are obviously not of this planet earth. This foreign JCIC system has taken root in this organic body of earth and it is synthetic, manufactured, dominated, ruled over, oppressed. It's spawn of virtually all religious wars, destruction's of indigenous tribes, Eco-systems, and cultures and peoples throughout "its' recorded history. Giving birth to civilization has been the greatest tragedy known to this planet and civilization is synonymous with organized religion.

If you would like to look it up, civilization meant one was "a citizen of a city" one was "civilized" therefore. Otherwise one was what? They were simply natural, wild, connected, balanced human beings, one species in an entire Eco-system of beings and species. This is in deep contrast to the "bible" giving commandment to mankind to "dominate, spread-out, rule over and take dominion of the earth" as the JCIC has proclaimed thousands of years. How civilized is New York City? Paris? LA, Tokyo? Honestly humanity, isn't it time we got off the addiction crazed train we have been riding and admit we have been liars, we have been in denial, we have destroyed our world with our so-called "improvements" and our cities of "civilization" are cesspools, the most uncivilized place on the planet. In fact, consider yourself in this statement instead of considering it 's "others": "The city is widely known as "the rat race" and it is a popular cliche and activity to exit the city for a "vacation" from the "the rat race". The escape of the "urban jungle" is usually to a place in the actual jungle, beach, mountain or prairie which are mostly populated with these very cities we want to escape! What are we? Walking hypocrites? Addicts of denial? Can't we recognize we are the liars telling the lie we so desperately try to escape? We are trapped by our very own devices? We desire an escape from a rat infested cluster of humans to a natural environment where interestingly enough, there are very few rats! We are not humane, we are not even animal-ized, we are are "civilized", which is depraved and sick, we are savage and barbarous and the Native is the humane one we so desire to connect with. Woe to those who do not see the the wave coming, but to those who see glory and bliss unto thee.

I stand in opposition to all the religious oppression and government systems of this modern day and I call to all of humanity, "Im Lakesh" meaning in Mayan "Within you is another Me". Let us embrace one another once again as human beings, with respect, dignity, tolerance, support, and interdependence as we all are in truth and reality. Let us reject divisions and oppression, violence and warfare in the name of "peace". Let us come together in 9-Day Festival of Renewal of the Heart of Humanity, the Butterfly Festival we may call it this year. To represent the rebirth of this awesome new Butterfly Generation.

This is my pledge to this Butterfly Generation, my vow for this sacred 9-Day Festival.
I pledge to give my power and support to each of you in this universe for the following:

4 Sacred Rights
Clean and Free to all Beings of Planet Earth
  1. WATER - Free and clean water rights to all beings on this planet. A Return to Water. No industries or ownership, no destruction or pollution, and no permanent or detrimental re-routing of waterways. A return the the massive abundance of natural irrigation, natural migration, and natural farming and food production. Water is the source of all life on this planet and is deeply connected to our rebirth and healing. Water must be freed to flow and in the exact proportion humanity will be freed of injustice, oppression, warfare, and illness.
  2. AIR
    - Free and clean air to all beings. No industries permitted on this planet that harm the air in any way for any creature. A Return to Fire or other natural clean energies which are part of the organic renewal processes of this planet earth.
  3. Earth - Free and clean land to all beings on the planet for free travel and subsistence. A Return to Earth. No structures of permanent nature, including fences, damns, massive earth movements, chemical treatments, restrictions or ownership permitted on this planet. industries permitted on this planet that harm the land in any way for any creature. there is a natural balanced way we can all survive and each indigenous tribe of this planet has traditions going back millions of years, we now return to the Earth and live within her. No longer "upon this earth" as a sterilized, foreigner, but as natives, joined to this planet in intimate interdependence, as relatives. No permanent fences on the planet and no permanent land ownership.
  4. NO TAKING - A return to One Tribe, One Family, One Species, organic and native to this planet. This planet is the heaven we all seek and the mysteries to eternity are discovered herein. No taking from any race, creed, class, sex, color, people of any kind of anything that is of their own life-source, creation, acquisition, or enterprise of any sort whatsoever. Humanity has one option for abundant life, absolute self governance and individual responsibility to the collective One Tribe. Each member of this 2-legged Tribe shall govern itself and have no power over it other than than of the tribal community. The community shall self govern and self enforce all 4 sacred Rights and therein have realized absolute freedom within self-governance and interdependence. We must finally realize the ancient wisdom that we must balance our connections to one another and to ourselves in order to maintain the balance which is the universe. Our lives are ending in record numbers now and the virus of "lack, violence, poverty, worry, illness and fear" are epidemic. The cycle is now upon us with the coming and the soon passing of 2012 we shall long to experience again the ancient truth of "abundance, peace, wealth, health, faith, and ultimate freedom and abundant life, love and truth for all beings"!!! This is the mystery all "law makers, governments, and religions seek"....the mystery of interdependence and independence lies in the strict ancient Right of No Taking. If any member of the 2 legged tribe should witness taking the Law of the Universe should compel us all to act in response as if it were not only our-self, but all of the tribe and all of our existence being taken. In such an attitude we can act without fear and without violence and collectively focus all our power in a public display and prevent any further taking. This is the mystery of Peace humanity is seeking and the answer lies in the balance of the One Tribe! The Answer is simply "Im Lakesh" "Within You IS Another Me!"